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Referring Your Friends or Family To The Right Real Estate Agent

Introducing the right Real Estate Agent to sell your friends and family property can appear daunting; there are so many Agents who claim to be the best. There is only one choice that really counts, to be certain the person you refer will produce the result your friends or family deserve. You want to recommend an Agent who does not settle for second best, professionals with marketing expertise, the sales drive to negotiate and win the highest sale price for the people you care about. You want to know that real passion, real integrity and real performance will be given all the way.

How It Works

Simply complete the form below to introduce your friends or family and TX Property will keep a record that you did so. The person you have introduced will not be contacted until TX Property has spoken with you first. When the property is sold and settled you will receive your $500 Visa Debit Card Reward, it's that simple.

Why TX Property Will Gladly Give You $500

Over the years TX Property has learned that the cost acquiring a client listing is an expensive business. So, when you refer a friend or family member it seems only fair you should receive a $500 Visa Debit Card Reward. Of course, everything is confidential.

$500 Visa Debit Card Reward

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